Rented housing

 Most of Riveria’s international students live in self-acquired rental apartments. You should start looking for an apartment well in advance before the start of your studies.

You can apply for a rental apartment online at

https://www.ovv.com/toimipisteemme/joensuu/ (in Finnish)
https://www.vuokramestarit.net/ (in Finnish)

You can find basic information about rental housing in Finland here:

Vuokraopas (kuluttajaliitto.fi) (in Finnish, plain language)

Living in a dormitory

Almost all Riveria campuses have a dormitory.  Dormitories are available in the following locations: Joensuu, Kitee, Lieksa, Niittylahti, Nurmes and Valtimo.  The dormitories are mainly intended for students under the age of 18 who are completing their compulsory education. Living in a Riveria dormitory is free of charge.

Usually 2–4 people live in one dormitory unit. The kitchen, toilet and washing facilities are shared. Strict rules are followed in the dormitories.  Overnight guests and the use of alcohol are prohibited. It is also good to know that daytime guests are not allowed on weekends.

Living in a dormitory is always temporary. You cannot get a permanent address in a dormitory!

Applying for a dormitory room

New applicant
Dormitory rooms can be applied for one year at a time. You can apply for a dormitory room through the student information system Wilma (https://riveria.inschool.fi/).

Students who are continuing their studies
Dormitory rooms for the next year are always applied for at the beginning of June.  Selections are made every year at the end of June. For more detailed instructions, please contact a dormitory supervisor.