Instructions for using the network and devices

Usernames and passwords

  • After receiving your student place, about a month before your studies start, you will receive an email from Riveria. It includes your email address and a default password and instructions on how to log in to Wilma and the Riveria network.
  • The message comes from If you can’t find it in your inbox, check your spam folder and make sure your mailbox is not full.
  • Riveria’s email address is your username for all Riveria’s online services (e.g. logging in to the workstation, Wilma, Microsoft 365, Opi, Workseed, Expense).
  • Students from continuous admission: if you have not entered your personal identification number in Wilma, your coaching teacher will guide you through the first login.
  • Logging in to Wilma, students insctructions (in Finnish)

First login to the Riveria network:

  • Go to Riveria Wilma (
    • Click the ”Riverian verkon tunnus” login button
  • OR alternatively go to
  • Log in with Riveria’s email address ( and the default password delivered to your personal email address
  • Change the default password by entering it in the current password field, generate a new password and confirm it
    • The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain characters from three of the four categories below:
      small letter, CAPITAL LETTER, number, special character (do not use äöå)
  • Add the security information that is asked during login! (you can find pictorial instructions in Finnish at

Registering for the Microsoft 365 security information portal:

  • Additional information is requested when signing in to Microsoft 365. Select Next.
  • Select Finland (+358) as the country and enter your mobile phone number. Select next.
  • A six-digit code will be sent via text message to the mobile phone number you entered. Enter the code and select Next.
  • Select Next and Done for confirmation notifications.
  • At you can edit and add other authentication options

Change Password:

  • Go to
  • Click ”Password”
  • Enter the old password in the upper text field and the new password in the lower text fields

Restoring a forgotten password or unlocking the account:

  • Make sure you can use the phone number registered in your security information
  • Go to
  • Click PALAUTUS
  • Enter your username (an email address ending

The student logs in to Wilma with Riveria network login credentials. Log into Wilma at . You cannot change your password in Wilma, it must be done at the address

The use of technology is an essential part of studying

Information systems are intended to make work easier, and therefore it is important that the systems function flawlessly and securely. Each user of the network is responsible for his own actions, although the network and/or system administrators may set restrictions on the use of their own network.

The fact that a function is not blocked does not mean that its implementation is appropriate and in accordance with good manners.

Network rules and practices and support

More detailed rules and practices of Riveria’s network use are introduced at the beginning of the studies with the guidance of coaching teachers. The rules must be accepted in Wilma. If you face any problems, contact the coaching teacher or other staff, who can make an error report to the Riveria helpdesk if needed.

NOTE! Students can also contact eduHelppari directly, tel. 050 470 4280 or


Microsoft 365

As a Riveria student, you have access to the Microsoft 365 service. You can log in to the Microsoft 365 service with your Riveria email address at or Microsoft 365 also works on mobile devices. Microsoft 365 offers e.g. the following services:

  • Email and calendar
    • 1000 Gt mailbox
    • Joint address book for Riveria students and staff
  • OneDrive cloud storage
    • 1000 Gt storage
    • Sharing files and folders with other users
  • Teams
    • Instant messaging and online meetings
  • Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) applications used in a browser
  • The latest full Microsoft Office application for 5 personal workstations during studies

When logging into Microsoft 365 services, a personal mobile phone number must be entered and confirmed in the service due to data security reasons and features.

Use of computer classes

Log in to Riveria’s computers with your e-mail address.

Malfunctions and abuse situations must be reported to a teacher or the administrators without delay in order to correct the malfunction and clarify issues of responsibility.

It is not a good idea to store important files on workstations of computer classes, because they can be lost during maintenance and workstation changes. Any saved files must at least be backed up for yourself, e.g. to the Onedrive storage service.

In computer classes teaching and guidance aids are used, e.g. the LanSchool software. Teachers can guide the student from their own computer and thus see the software displayed on the student.

To ensure data privacy, students should avoid processing personal data during classes.

Lalmch / Pixabay

Use of own devices

The use of telephones and mobile devices for acquiring information and studying is increasing. When devices are used in a study situation, it must be agreed in advance with the teacher or work-based learning instructor. As a general rule, phones and mobile devices must be kept silent or switched off during study situations (during classes and on-the-job learning).

Riveria has an own wireless network for students’ own devices. The network appears as Riveria-byod. You log in to this network with with your Riveria network credentials.

On modern mobile devices, the Microsoft 365 configuration can be done directly with your own credentials, in which case the information is available also on your own mobile phone.

Bringing your own device – A guide for students