Planning of the studies and PCDP

The studies are planned together with the personal coach. The study plan is called the personal competence development plan (PCDP). The plan includes the following:

  •  study goals
  • previous studies and work experience
  • previously acquired competence
  • what the studies include
  • when, where and how the studies are implemented
  • special study needs

The plan is saved on Wilma.

PCDP discussion

The personal coach saves your study plan (PCDP) on Wilma during the PCDP discussion. You must check your progression twice a year together with your personal coach. The PCDP can be changed when necessary.

Recognition of previous studies

Recognition of previous studies means that you discuss your qualifications and work experience together with your personal coach. A previously completed qualification can shorten the study time. For recognition, you must have a Finnish certificate or an official Finnish translation of the certificate.

Learning environments

At Riveria, we offer you the opportunity to acquire missing competence in a wide variety of learning environments, both inside and outside the educational institution:

  • Educational institution environments
    • When you study and participate in practical training on the campuses, you can acquire new competence and knowledge that you need in working life. Riveria’s premises, equipment and materials are in accordance with the requirements of the industry. Riveria’s learning environments enable active cooperation with working life and promote interaction, participation and communal building of knowledge. Study workshop services are also available on the campuses.
  • On-the-job-learning
  • Online studies and related services
    • Use of Riveria’s network and equipment
    • Riveria’s digital tools
      • Riveria has comprehensive tools for digital study support. The tools are designed to make the work of students and teachers easier and to enable the utilisation of different teaching implementation models. In Riveria’s digital environment map, the most important systems for students are shown in the centre. The outer circle shows the tools offered by Riveria, for which user support and guidance is also available.
  • Joint studies in different learning environments
    • Intensive contact teaching
      • The studies take place on campus with other students. The acquisition of competence is mainly guided, and competence is demonstrated by assignments, exams or other mutually agreed upon methods
    • Guided distance learning
      • The studies are largely independent, but include scheduled meetings online or on campus. The studies require good information technology skills and the ability to work independently. Competence is acquired both in joint meetings and through independent study, and it is demonstrated interactively in Teams lessons and with assignments, exams or other mutually agreed upon methods
    • Online studies
      • The studies take place online, regardless of time and place. The studies require you to commit to independent work and its scheduling and planning. Good computer skills are also required. Competence is both acquired and demonstrated through online studies.
  • Study workshops

You can also choose different ways of learning by selecting different study paths within your qualification.

Our activities in all learning environments are guided by a coaching approach that is based on competence and that emphasises the learning of skills: goal orientation, support, practical training and functionality.

Optional studies within the qualification

All vocational qualifications consist of vocational qualification units. The qualifications have compulsory and optional units. You can choose the option that suits you best. You can learn more about your qualification on eRequirements.

In the PCDP discussion with your personal coach, you specify the goals in your career plan and discuss ways to acquire competence. You choose the content and completion method of the qualification based on your goals.  Your choices are entered into the PCDP.

If you are interested in focusing your studies on competitive activities, entrepreneurship, internationality or postgraduate studies, you can learn more about the different study path options:

The skills path is for students looking to enter the Skills Finland competition. To choose this path, you must have good Finnish language skills. Age also limits your right to compete. To participate, you must be 22 years old or younger on the year of the competition.

The entrepreneur path allows you to complete your studies in an entrepreneurial manner by, for example, participating in working life projects or founding a Nuori Yrittäjä business (Junior Achievement, JA) by yourself or with others.

If you are interested in internationality, you can choose language and international studies or study in an international work environment either in Finland or abroad.

In addition to the vocational qualification, you can complete a matriculation examination at the same time (double degree path). By studying the common parts of the qualification in upper secondary school, you can strengthen your knowledge of the Finnish language, foreign languages, and/or mathematics and natural sciences, as well as your general study skills.

You can complete a vocational upper secondary qualification while completing higher education studies at the same time. These are known as pathway studies in Riveria. Pathway studies shorten your study time at a higher education institution. Please note that most of the pathway studies are only available in Finnish.

If you are active in sports, you can apply to the Joensuu Sports Academy, which combines both active sports and studies. The personal competence development plan (PCDP) details how the competence gained from sports coaching is included as part of the qualification.

On-the-job learning

You can study the profession partially or almost entirely at the workplace.

The workplace assigns you a supervisor to support and help you. You must sign a contract to study at the workplace before starting work. The teacher enters the on-the-job learning details into your PCDP.

Training agreement:

  • you do not get paid for the work
  • Riveria concludes the contract with the workplace

Apprenticeship contract:

  • you get paid for the work
  • you have an employment contract with the workplace
  • you need a residence permit for an employed person

Competence demonstrations and other evaluations

You show your competence in competence demonstrations. There are multiple competence demonstrations during the studies. The demonstrations are performed at the workplace.  During the demonstrations, you demonstrate your acquired competence in the skills and tasks that you have practised at the workplace and the educational institution. The teacher and workplace supervisor assess your competence.

Your competence of the common parts of the qualification, such as mathematics and English, are demonstrated in assignments and written or oral exams.


Riveria’s Wilma can be found at
Wilma is a daily tool. It includes your PCDP, timetable, studies and grades.
In Wilma, you can send and receive messages to and from your teachers.

Wilman-pikaohje-opiskelijalle.pdf ( (The instructions are available on Riverialainen.)