For six years in a row, Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world (2018–2023). Finland is also one of the world’s safest and most stable countries. Finland’s nature and air are the cleanest in the world, and corruption and the natural disaster occurrence rate are among the lowest on a global scale.

Finns follow the rules and trust the authorities and each other. Authorities such as the police and emergency and health care services possess good language skills and treat everyone in an equal and fair manner. Follow the laws, the regulations issued by the authorities and Riveria’s safety instructions.

Special considerations for your own safety

Weather conditions:
There are four seasons in Finland: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Dress according to the season and pay special attention to the cold and slippery conditions in winter. Slippery conditions increase the risk of falls when walking and cycling. Good winter shoes with grippy soles reduce the risk of falling, as does the use of sanded walkways. When driving a vehicle, the slipperiness of roads may catch inexperienced drivers off guard. The braking distance increases, and the car may be more difficult to control. In slippery conditions, it is especially important to follow the speed limits and drive at a safe speed for the conditions at hand. Pedestrians should also take into account the increased braking distance of vehicles in winter.

Your own actions and preparedness:
Even though Finland is a very safe country, you can have an accident or become a victim of a crime in Finland. It is important to take safety into consideration in daily life.

  • Be kind and polite. Do not provoke others or be provoked.
  • Take care of your belongings: Do not leave your belongings unattended, and store them in a locked place, if possible. Do not leave valuable items in coat racks or other common areas. Always lock your bike or scooter with a proper lock. Locking your bike or scooter to an immovable object is recommended. Unlocked bikes are stolen from Riveria’s yard every week.
  • Avoid the use of intoxicants and intoxicated people: Intoxicants and nightlife increase the risk of becoming a victim of violence.
  • Save the emergency number 112 in your phone: Contact the emergency response centre in emergency situations that require police, rescue department or emergency medical care services.


Safety at Riveria

Safety is taken into account in all Riveria’s operations and is an integral part of everyday life. Every student has the right to a safe study environment. You will receive a safety briefing at the beginning of your studies. If you live in a Riveria dormitory, you will also receive a dormitory safety briefing. Follow the given instructions as well as Riveria’s rules and regulations, and report any deficiencies you notice to a Riveria employee or online at

For more information, please attend Riveria’s safety orientation and see the students’ safety instructions at