Welcome as a new student at Riveria

Dear Riveria student,

Congratulations on becoming a new student at Riveria!

Did you know that Riveria is one of Finland’s largest and most successful educational institutions? Riveria is owned by the municipalities of North Karelia. We are the creators of North Karelian know-how, professionalism and vitality. We organise training for both young people and adults for about 100 different qualifications and professions. We also organise liberal adult education and summer university education.

There is something for everyone.

Our task, in cooperation with our partners, is to train you to become a future working life expert. Your employment is important to us, and we pay special attention to it already during your studies, without forgetting possible entrepreneurship studies. After graduation, most of our students find a job in North Karelia. If you wish, you can also continue your studies at a university or university of applied sciences. Your future holds endless possibilities. Great, right?

Every year, about 17,000 students study at Riveria, of which about 10,000 study in full qualification programmes. You can study different fields in different parts of North Karelia. Riveria’s campuses are located in Joensuu, Kitee, Lieksa, Nurmes, Outokumpu and Valtimo. However, a significant part of the studies takes place in companies and workplaces throughout the North Karelia region.

Internationality is part of our everyday life. At Riveria, it is possible to complete a vocational qualification in mechanical engineering and production technology completely in English. If you wish, you can also start some qualification programmes in English and finish them in Finnish. Did you know that skills competitions show that Finland’s most skilled students often come from Riveria? This is an indicator of our excellent teaching and guidance, as well as our study support services.

At Riveria, we want to be “Always present for the student and open to working life”. This is our vision.

We are interested in you and your future. We help you to find your own learning path, and we support you on your way to achieving your goals. At Riveria, we recognise your earlier studies and competence. A goal-oriented personal competence development plan (PCDP), which is updated as your studies progress, will be drawn up for you, with the help of our professional teaching staff. A personal coach will be assigned to you to support you throughout your vocational qualification training.

Active cooperation with the working and business life of our region is central to our operations. During your studies, you will be able to take part in this cooperation. You get to meet new people and familiarise yourself with different workplaces. On-the-job learning, contact teaching and distance learning are all possible at Riveria. You can also influence your learning environment yourself. Our extensive international network also offers you the opportunity to complete studies abroad. Be active and make the best of these opportunities.

At Riveria, you can experience the joy of learning under the guidance of professional teachers and staff. We foster a comfortable and safe atmosphere that supports learning. We also encourage you to participate in student surveys. Your feedback is important for developing our operations for the benefit of all students. Riveria’s student union Pyro is also there for you. By participating in the union’s activities, you can also influence our student community.

Studying also always requires the student to take responsibility for their own learning. Motivation and hard work are necessary to achieve the set goals. We have seen this in practice, and we are happy to have witnessed many of our students succeed. Riveria is a good choice for both young people and adults. We are experts in promoting your employment, career development and further studies.

All feedback is welcome as we work with you to make your dream come true.

Let’s be in touch!